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XCEL Infiniti Comp X 3x2 Fullsuit - 2018


XCEL Infiniti Comp X 3x2 Fullsuit - 2018

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Muta High performance, incollata, cucita e nastrata su tutte le pannellature. Interno felpato TDC per massima temperatura col minimo dello spessore. Utlizzabile anche in autunno inoltrato!


Comp X Features
Japanese Limestone Nanoprene = Lighter, Softer, Warmer

TDC Neck to Ankle (Thermo Drying Celliant) = Warm, Light Smart Fiber

Water Tight Zipper & Magnetic Closure = Keeps Water Out

Quick Dry Fibers = Stay Dryer and Lighter

Engineered Design = Fits Like a Second Skin

New Fusion X Tape = Seam Protection

Nexskin Wrist & Ankles = Locks Water Out

Glide Skin Collar = Prevents Flushing

Back Knee Flex Grooves = Prevents Bunching

One Piece Front & Back = Unrivaled Comfort

10% Ultra Stretch = True Performance

Dope Dye = Eco-Friendly Anti Fade